Society of Technical and Management Professionals (STMP)

Society of Technical and Management Professionals (STMP) is a nonprofit membership organization and registered under societies registration act XXI, 1860. STMP dedicated to different field of technical and management research and education. Our Society vision is to promote the understanding, appreciation and promoting of technical and management education. The society is a nonprofit, global, a professional association with a mission to build and sustain partnership between technical & management professionals, government, non government organizations, business and academic institutions, to address people to meet the challenges that impact on education systems and serve community.

It play vital role in human advancement and living conditions for inform, educate and devoted people to encouraging interaction among management professionals, scientists, managers and users. The Society is truly professional in nature. It enrolls only the qualified persons as member. The society is also bringing out a peer reviewed International Journal- Interdisciplinary Journal of Management & Behavioural Sciences [IJMBS].

  1. To provide a platform where academicians, research scholars and students can meet at the same platform and share advancements in research and development in their research area.
  2. To Provide thought leadership, Education and research in the areas of Management and Technical Education.
  3. To enhance professional ideals & standards ideas in Technology and Management areas.
  4. To conduct awareness programs, workshops, conferences, Seminars etc. to promote education and research in India.
  5. To Promote Higher Education in India.
  6. To promote Research and Development in the Fields of Higher Education.
  7. The educational Society conduct health awareness camp in rural area of India.
  8. Publishing useful literary works for the welfare and development of research in Higher Education.
  9. The educational Society will conduct Women and Child Welfare (including rehabilitation programmes) and prorogation of de-addiction programme.
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